Beach Body: How to get fit for summer?

Beach Body: How to get fit for summer?

The perfect Beach Body

How do you want to look like?

What comes to your mind when you think of the perfect Beach Body?
How thin are

your thighs? How ripped are your abs? How big is your butt?

Imagine: How do you want to look this summer?
For me, personally, this girl has a thigh gap but is muscular and athletic.

This girl has a super flat belly but you can also see her abs.
Her arms are very thin but they are toned and you can see the muscles.
Her butt is definitely not big but is a bubble butt without cellulite.
And then her boobs full but, perish the thought!, not hanging.

What I learnt

Sounds like the perfect motivation to work hard in the gym, running minimum 3 times per week and eating extremely well.
And it is. Being completely honest wih you, guys, this picture in my head kept me going the last 2 years. I worked out 6-7 times per week.
In 2015 I discovered HIIT. I am sure everybody have heard about it, if not reading this article will answer all questions. I did hours and hours of research. The benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training convinced me to try this sort of workouts.
In a few months I have seen amazing results and I was pretty proud of myself, but I wanted more so I added a maximum of training to my schedule. I became more muscular and muscular. But the muscular new me was not the perfect Beach Body I wanted to achieve. For me, I was now too muscular. I found myself too bulky. Again I did my research and so I quited HIIT and started with moderate cardio like running and biking. I learnt about body types and I wanted to lose muscles.

After now about 6 month without HIIT I still do not look like I want to. I do not have the perfect Beach Body I described above and I am tired. Tired of fighting against my body. Fighting for a beach body that is unrealistic to achieve.
I have to accept that I cannot look in a certain way muscular, I just can look like myself being muscular. I cannot have a bubble butt without getting muscular thighs as well. I cannot have abs without getting a slightly wider waist. If I work out my body will change but it will change the way it is genetically determined.
I know that you are searching for a last-minute training plan you can follow to become ripped and toned for summer. To get the perfect beach body of your dreams. But let me tell you one important thing: The perfect beach body does not exist. You can work out extremely hard and follow all the rules but you will not get a perfect body, you will only get a perfect version of yourself.

How to train for the perfect beach body?

Now, I want to tell you how you can become the best version of yourself. I would recommend to combine strength focussed exercices with cardio. For example, if you do Kickboxing you already have the perfect combination of both worlds. It is most important to do what makes you happy and fills you with joy. There are plenty of things you can combine. You may have to try many things until you find what fits perfectly for you.

Mostly cardio based exercises

  • running
  • walking
  • cycling
  • swimming
  • soccer
  • tennis
  • basket ball
  • volley ball
  • zumba
  • athletics
  • aerobic
  • elliptical
  • HIIT
  • golf
  • dancing

Mostly strength based exercises

  • weight training
  • pilates
  • yoga
  • bodyweight exercises
  • cross fit
  • boxing
  • HIIT
  • resistent band exercises
  • stepper
  • climbing
  • surfing

There are several more examples so please comment down below if you have any addtions.

When it comes to frequency the most important thing you have to figure out is: How often could I train to be consistent?
If you train 6 times per week and after 2 weeks you quit everything because it is just too much you will never ever become the perfect version of yourself.
For beginners, I would suggest working out 2 times per week. Choose one of the cardio based exercises and one of the strength based exercise. Maybe you go for a run on mondays and do some weight training on fridays.
Create a routine that works for you.
If you have almost no time to do your exercise, combine your workouts with things you do anyways.
For example, ride your bike to work one day per week and do a bodyweight workout while watching TV the other day.
If you want to know how I train at the moment head over to this post.

If you stick to this one month it will become a habit and it will get easier.
Then you may want to work out one more day per week and so on.
I trust you you will see results even if you do mini steps and please, say goodbye to a dream body that is unrealistic.
Do not expect a certain type of change, just honor a change. Honor your personal change.
This change is perfectly fine and perfectly you.

I hope you find this post helpful and that I could motivate you to start working towards a beach body that looks like yourself.

I wish you all the best!

Yours, Luisa

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